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Congratulations to Natália Salomé Móller on Winning the L’Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science Award!

We have a pleasure to announce that our distinguished colleague, Mgr. Natália Salomé Móller, PhD., has been honored with the prestigious L’Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science Award in the category of Physical and Formal Sciences. This award is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field of quantum physics and her dedication to advancing scientific knowledge. To mark this special occasion, the Ambassador of the Republic of Brazil His Excellency Mr. Gabriel Boff Moreira visited the Institute of Physics SAS to officially congratulate Natália.

The L’Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science Program

The L’Oréal – UNESCO For Women in Science program aims to recognize and support talented women scientists worldwide. This year, three exceptional researchers in Slovakia were awarded for their innovative and impactful projects. The program not only provides financial support but also highlights the critical importance of women’s contributions to science.

“By increasing the presence and contribution of women in science, we can ensure a more inclusive and balanced approach to scientific research and innovation, shaping our world for future generations.”

As Brigitte Streller, General Manager of L’Oréal Slovakia
Laureates from the left: Ing. Jana Šimeg Veterníková, PhD. (laureate in the category of engineering sciences and technologies), Mgr. Natália Salomé Móller, PhD. (laureate in the category of physical and formal sciences) and Mgr. Lívia Labudová, PhD. (laureate in the category of living nature science)
In the photo from the left: His Exc. Pascal Le Deunff (Ambassador of France to Slovakia), Denisa Frelichová (Secretary General of the Slovak Commission for UNESCO), prof. RNDr. Ľubica Lacinová, DrSc. (member of the SAV Presidency and chairwoman of the expert commission), Mgr. Natália Salomé Móller, PhD. (laureate in the category of physical and formal sciences), prof. RNDr. Pavol Šajgalík, DrSc., (chairman of the SAV), Ing. Jana Šimeg Veterníková, PhD. (laureate in the category of engineering sciences and technologies), Mgr. Lívia Labudová, PhD. (laureate in the category of living nature science), Brigitte Streller (CEO of LOréal in Slovakia)

A Special Visit from the Ambassador of Brazil

In recognition of Natália Salomé Móller’s outstanding achievement, the Ambassador of Brazil to Slovakia, His Excellency Mr. Gabriel Boff Moreira paid a special visit to the Institute of Physics SAS. The Ambassador personally congratulated Natália, emphasizing the pride and joy her success brings to Brazil. His visit underscores the international significance of Natália’s work and the strong ties between Brazil and Slovakia in promoting scientific excellence.

During his visit, the Ambassador toured our facilities, met with other researchers, and discussed potential collaborations between Brazilian and Slovak scientific communities. He expressed his admiration for Natália’s dedication and perseverance, highlighting how her journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring scientists worldwide.

In the photo from the left: Ing. Peter Švec, DrSc.(Senior Researcher, IP SAS), Ambassador H.E.Mr. Gabriel Boff Moreira, Counsellor Mrs. Ana Claudia de Faria Rodrigues, Mgr. Carlines Fausti (P.A. to the Ambassador), doc. Mgr. Mário Ziman, PhD. (Director IP SAS), Mgr. Natália Salomé Móller, PhD.(Researcher, IP SAS), Mgr. Andrej Herzáň, PhD. (Head of Department of Nuclear Physics, IP SAS),
Mgr. Erik Bartoš, PhD. (Scientific Secretary and Chairman of Scientific Board IP SAS)

Natália’s Journey: From Brazil to Slovakia

Natália Salomé Móller’s journey began in Brazil, where her passion for physics was ignited during her high school chemistry classes. Her fascination with the atomic model, which even inspired a tattoo of Rutherford’s atomic model on her back, led her to a profound interest in quantum gravity. This interest was further fueled by reading Stephen Hawking’s “The Universe in a Nutshell.” which ignited her passion for quantum gravity and set her on a path towards a career in physics.

Her path in the research career was not standard, and she had to plan and study for a long time to reach her postdoc position in the field I have always dreamed of working in.

“I worked on many different topics and changed the route many times to adjust my career to the goals I wanted, but thinking of steps that were realistic as well.”

Natália Salomé Móller

Her Academic and Research Milestones

Natália’s academic journey is marked by her pursuit of foundational physics, particularly the intersection of general relativity and quantum physics. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Physics, followed by a Master’s degree in Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Physics, specializing in quantum many-body systems. Her first postdoctoral research focused on Bose-Einstein condensates.

While working on these projects, Natália continued to explore topics at the intersection of general relativity and quantum physics. She found particular interest in the field of indefinite causal order, a topic she discovered in 2017. In 2019, she wrote a significant project on this topic, leading to a postdoctoral fellowship in Brazil under the Young Talent Fellowship, CAPES PrInt, in 2020.

Joining the Institute of Physics in Slovakia

In 2020, Natália joined the Research Center for Quantum Information (RCQI) in Slovakia. Her research continues to focus on indefinite causal order and related topics at the intersection of quantum information and gravity. She currently supervises a PhD student, Saadat Salman Shariff, and has held fellowships from both the QISS consortium and the Štefan Schwarz Support Fund.

At Institute of Physics her work exemplifies our commitment to fostering cutting-edge research and supporting the development of emerging scientists. Natália’s success is not only a personal triumph but also a significant milestone for our institute, highlighting the global impact of our research community.

Natália’s Vision for the Future

Reflecting on her journey, Natália shares, “Since the beginning of my bachelor’s in Physics, I knew I wanted to do research on fundamental physics, more specifically on the interface of general relativity and quantum physics. Both theories challenge our most basic intuitive notions, such as time and determinism. Even though I had that clear in mind, it was not clear to me how to effectively work on the interface of these topics.”

Natália’s determination and innovative approach continue to inspire us. Her work is paving the way for new discoveries and deeper understanding in the realms of quantum physics and general relativity.

In the video interview, Natália provides a deeper look into her work, her experiences, and her inspiring story. We look forward to seeing Natália’s continued contributions to the field and the broader scientific community.

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