QUTE.sk will help to involve individual research teams in excellent international consortia, which will subsequently bring new opportunities and, last but not least, financial resources for further research.



QUTE.sk – Slovak National Center for Quantum Technologies

Dúbravská cesta 9, 841 04 Bratislava, Slovakia


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About eduQUTE

Educational and awareness-raising activities of QUTE.sk

eduQUTE has the ambition to become an international training center of European importance

To create an educational system in the field of quantum technologies
To create an educational system in the field of quantum technologies

Quantum technologies intersect the field of engineering, physics, mathematics, and informatics. Therefore, the creation of such an educational program goes well beyond faculties and even beyond the capabilities of individual universities. The national QUTE platform will ensure the cooperation of universities and relevant institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences on elaborating an interdisciplinary combined master and engineering study plans for quantum technologies, which will be a natural extension of existing activities.

To support fellowQUTE.sk postdoctoral students
To support fellowQUTE.sk postdoctoral students

In Slovakia, there is practically no stable way to support postdoctoral positions despite the fact that postdoctoral students are the main research force. Our goal is to create a system that would allow the opening of internationally competitive postdoctoral positions. Individual partner organizations will apply for these positions in an open competition.

To establish a doctoral school and a Flagship training center
To establish a doctoral school and a Flagship training center

The doctoral students of the platform partners will form a doctoral school, within which education will take place in the form of summer schools, which will be open to foreign participants and at which foreign lecturers will give lectures. It will also include full financial support for a four-month internship (for domestic doctoral students) at a foreign workplace. We will try to create a European training center in quantum technologies, which would provide theoretical training for QF and would be co-financed by European sources. Today, there are conditions for such an educational center to be established in the Center for Quantum Information Research, a research institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, which has experience organizing scientific events, including summer and winter schools.

The aim of establishing such a center is a qualitative shift in the level of education of Slovak students. Lectures by leading European experts in the field will be invaluable to the students of the platform and, at the same time, make Slovak science and Slovakia itself visible. The doctoral school will include the creation of a system of awarding internationally competitive scholarships to motivate students to choose the field of quantum technology

Popularization and awareness-raising activities
Popularization and awareness-raising activities

Regular lectures for the public and targeted lectures for potential industrial partners and users of quantum technologies. The public opening of individual components of the quantum network and launch of the detector.

Overview of the Activities in Slovakia

Dissemination activities in the field of QT

Invited talks

Popularization activities

  • 31/01/23   Vladimír Bužek, prednáška, Umenie kvanta, FÚ SAV, Bratislava, Slovakia

Upcoming Events

In Slovakia

Organized Conferences

Quantum Technologies Summer school 2023

21-25/08/23, Vienna, Austria
Organized by FH Technikum Wien and Institue of Physics SAS (D. Aktas, P. Rapčan)

"Flat Earth" Superconductivity Miniworkshop

08-09/06/23, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organized by RCQI IP SAS (D. Kochan) and Commenius University (M. Sýkora)

CEQIP 202|++⟩ workshop

05-08/09/23, Smolenice, Slovakia
Organized by RCQI IP SAS (L. Leppäjarvi, M. Sedlák, M. Ziman)


QSlovakia is a part of QUTE.sk

QSlovakia is formed by two groups of quantum computing researchers enthusiastic about building a global ecosystem for quantum software and generally quantum technologies. One group is at Faculty of SciencePavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice and the other at Research Center for Quantum Information in Bratislava. QSlovakia was established in May 2020 following the QDrive event in 2019. QSlovakia gathers experts from various areas of quantum information and technologies with the common aim of boosting study and research opportunities in this area in Slovakia.

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