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Quapital summer school 2022

Dr. Djeylan Aktas
October 19, 2023
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Cyber Security is one of the topics in the 11th edition of a successful annual IT conference OpenSlava2023 organized by Accenture in Slovakia. OpenSlava was created to connect the IT world with business, science and students, therefore we are honored that our colleague Dr. Djeylan Aktas will contribute to this topic with his presentation FULLY MESHED QUANTUM NETWORKS.

He will explain the limits of modern cryptographic protocols and how we can retain security with the implementation of quantum key distribution (QKD). These protocols can help provide secure communications by exchanging a random key between the desired parties while the security is ensured by the laws of physics. This entanglement-based approach provides a better scalability for the quantum network infrastructure without compromising on privacy and security and is the key of building the backbone infrastructure of skQCI – The Slovak national quantum network.

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