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Recap of the 2024 Superconductivity Mini-Workshop

The pursuit of knowledge knows no bounds, and this sentiment resonated deeply at the recent Superconductivity Mini-Workshop held on April 29th and 30th, 2024. Hosted at the Auditorium QUTE, Institute of Physics, Bratislava, this event was a gathering of minds eager to delve into the latest advancements in superconductivity, correlated systems, altermagnetism, and transport within layered materials.

Organized by Denis Kochan and František Herman, the workshop aimed to provide a platform for interdisciplinary discussions, fostering an environment where experts and enthusiasts alike could engage in pedagogical talks accessible to students in master’s and PhD programs. With a focus on inclusivity, the event welcomed all individuals interested in expanding their knowledge and building connections within the scientific community.

The workshop boasted an impressive lineup of topics, each representing a frontier in contemporary research. Attendees were treated to a diverse array of discussions, ranging from the intricacies of superconducting diode effects, altermagnetism—a novel state of matter completing the existing ferro- and anti-ferro- magnetic states, to the exploration of majorana bound states in superconductor-semiconductor hybrids but also to other intricated phenomena furnished by the layered van der Waals materials.

Day one commenced with an exploration of the supercurrent diode effect and spin-orbit phenomena in superconducting junctions, setting the stage for a day filled with illuminating discussions. Highlights included insights into electronic quantum transport simulation for 2D materials and the phenomenon of altermagnetism.

Day two continued the momentum with discussions on non-local Andreev reflection through Andreev molecular states and the mysteries of electrical magnetochiral current in tellurium. The day progressed with captivating talks on topics such as the emergence of intrinsic flat bands in 2D materials and the exploration of topological numbers in hyperbolic lattices.

Throughout the workshop, coffee breaks provided attendees with valuable opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and fuel their discussions further. The event culminated in a sense of shared accomplishment and a renewed commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific inquiry.

The success of the Superconductivity Mini-Workshop would not have been possible without the generous support of the IMPULZ project IM-2021-26 SuperSpin and the SASPRO2 project No. 945478 AuDS. Their contributions played a vital role in facilitating this gathering of minds and advancing scientific discourse.

As the curtains closed on this enriching event, participants departed with a wealth of knowledge, new connections, and a shared sense of excitement for the future of research in superconductivity, correlated systems, altermagnetism, and transport within layered materials. The workshop served as a testament to the power of collaboration, curiosity, and the relentless pursuit of understanding in the scientific community. We are glad of hosting speakers and participants from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Taiwan, Spain, Finland, Ukraine and RF.

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