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[IMG] 01/05/2020 [ 𝕚 ] Competition

European Quantum Future Academy 2020

Open physics competition for Slovak university bachelor and master students in quantum physics. The winners will be offered a summer internship and a participation at the final conference in Berlin. The participation is going to be covered from the resources of the consortium and main organizer in Germany.
More information available on the dedicated website
[IMG] 30/09/2019 [ 𝕚 ] School

Quapital summer school 2019

Summer school for students from the QUAPITAL consortium, but open for all participants, is scheduled for 30/09/2019 - 06/09/2019 and organized at the Research Center for Quantum Information in Bratislava. More details and registration form are available on the school website
[IMG] 03/09/2019 [ 𝕚 ] People

Slovak Academy Award for Mark Hillery

Mark is our long-term collaborator and we are very happy he was awarded this prestigous prize. Congratulations! Mark has started to work in early 90s with Vladimír Bužek on quantum optics exactly when ideas around quantum information has emerged. Together they have published approx 50 research papers. The papers on approximate quantum cloning and quantum secret sharing cryptographic protocol have significantly impacted the field and belong to most cited physics research papers in Slovakia. Read more (in Slovak):
  • Medzinárodná cena SAV 2019 (video)
  • Medzinárodnú cenu Slovenskej akadémie vied si prevzal Mark Hillery
  • Americký fyzik: Slovenskí vedci sú mimoriadne dobrí. V zahraničí majú dobré meno (interview for newspaper Sme)
  • Fyzik ocenený SAV: Kvantové počítače by prelomili takmer každé heslo, naše súkromie by sa narušilo (interview for newspaper DennikN)
  • Vedci sa pokúšajú zostrojiť kvantový počítač
[IMG] 30/04/2019 [ 𝕚 ] People

Prof. Vladimír Bužek - member of Quantum Flagship Strategic Advisory Board

The Strategic Advisory Board provides advice for strategic decision-making to the Quantum Technology (QT) the Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Flagship, with a long-term impact across the whole initiative. The group will be in charge of preparing and updating the Strategic Research Agenda whilst monitoring the Flagship’s progress in research, and will report regularly to the FET Board of Funders. SAB members are appointed for a two-year period, each of whom will meet two to four times per year and act upon request of the Chairperson.
[IMG] 01/01/2019 [ 𝕚 ] Docs

Budúcnosť je kvantová / The future is quantum

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