QUTE.sk will help to involve individual research teams in excellent international consortia, which will subsequently bring new opportunities and, last but not least, financial resources for further research.



QUTE.sk – Slovak National Center for Quantum Technologies

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These lectures are an introduction to quantum algorithms. The object is to provide a basis on which someone interested in the subject can build. The lectures aim to cover these topics:

  1. Warm up – generating an eigenstate of an unknown Controlled-U gate

2. Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm

      a. Basic algorithm

      b. Effect of decoherence

3. Berstein-Vazirani algorithm

4. Quantum search: Grover’s algorithm

5. Combining algorithms – testing linearity of Boolean functions

6. Quantum walks

7. Simon’s algorithm

8. Quantum Fourier transform and phase estimation

Series of 5×90 min lectures are MSc/PhD friendly, but open for all interested (Elementary Quantum Theory course is assumed) and free of charge. Please register to receive all information. Lectures starts each day at 10:30 AM

Prof. Mark Hillery

Mark Hillery, a distinguished physicist with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, boasts a remarkable career spanning theoretical quantum optics and quantum information theory. Despite his extensive contributions, which include over 200 publications garnering more than 15,000 citations, Hillery remains notably modest, seemingly transported from his inner world of contemplation. His collaboration with the Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS) has been particularly fruitful, marked by pioneering work on multi-user quantum cryptographic protocols and quantum bit cloning. This collaboration, spanning decades, has significantly influenced the development of physical science in Slovakia. Hillery, now a professor at Hunter College, City University of New York, was recently honored with the International Prize of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, further solidifying his legacy. In his spare time, Hillery indulges in his love for literature, jazz, and Slovak folk art, embodying a humility that belies his considerable achievements.

June 10 - 14, 2024 at 10:30 AM
QUTE.sk - Slovak National Center for Quantum Technologies
Lectures are free of charge

The project skQCI is funded by the EU Programme DIGITAL and Programme NextGenerationEU from Recovery and Resilience Plan of the Slovak Republic.

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