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  1. Vladimír Komanický,
    X-ray study of electrochemical Stern layer: ordering and layering,
    Cluster and nanostructured materials (CNM-5), 25/10/2018, Vodogray, Ukraine
  2. Alexander Feher,
    Micro- and nanosized protective elements on As-Se and Ge-As-Se thin films,
    Cluster and nanostructured materials (CNM-5), 25/10/2018, Vodogray, Ukraine
  3. Anna Jenčová,
    Incompatible measurements in general probabilistic theories,
    Quantum Information Theory and Mathematical Physics 2018, Budapešť, Maďarsko, 20.–23. 9. 2018.
  4. Mario Ziman,
    Limitations on learning of quantum processes,
    Quantum Machine Learning Plus workshop, 19/09/2018, Innsbruck, Austria
  5. Mario Ziman,
    Incompatibility and nonlocality in quantum process GPTs,
    International Iranian Conference on Quantum Information, 11/09/2018, Tehran, Iran
  6. Michal Sedlak,
    Perfect probabilistic storing and retrieving of unitary channels,
    International conference on quantum technologies PhysTech Quant, 11/09/2018, Moscow, Russia
  7. Daniel Reitzner,
    Decoherence in Quantum Walk Searches,
    International conference on quantum technologies PhysTech Quant, 11/09/2018, Moscow, Russia
  8. Anna Jenčová,
    Rényi relative entropies and sufficiency of quantum channels,
    Beyond I.I.D. in Information Theory, Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge, UK, 23.–27. 7. 2018.
  9. Martin Plávala,
    Incompatibility in general probabilistic theory,
    IQSA Quantum Structures 2018, Kazaň, Rusko, 19/07/2018.
  10. Martin Gmitra,
    Proximity effects in graphene, bilayer graphene and carbon nanotubes,
    Joint workshops New Trends in Topological Insulators (NTTI 2018) and 18th International Conference on Narrow Gap Systems (NGS18), 19/07/2018, Limpertsberg Campus, Luxembourg
  11. Mario Ziman
    Process estimation in the presence of time-invariant memory effects
    50th Symposium on Mathematical Physics, 23/06/2018, Torun, Poland
  12. Anatolij Dvurečenskij,
    EMV-algebras-Extended MV-algebras,
    Algebra and Substructural Logics, Take 6 (AsubL Take 6), Cagliari, Taliansko, 10.–15. 6. 2018.
  13. Anna Jenčová,
    A geometric view on quantum incompatibility,
    Three Days in quantum Mechanics, Genoa, Taliansko, 6.–8. 6. 2018.
  14. Vladimír Komanický,
    Study of electron beam and laser beam interactions with chalcogenide glasses,
    X International Conference for Professionals and Young Scientists, Kharkiv, Ukraina. 4. – 8. 6. 2018
  15. Mario Ziman,
    Incompatibility and nonlocality for quantum process GPT
    HongKong-Shenzen workshop on Quantum Information Science in China, 21/05/2018
  16. Peter Samuely,
    Superconductivity in restricted geometries. The cases of CuxTiSe2, β-Bi2Pd & (LaSe)1.14(NbSe2),
    International Conference on Multi-Condensate Superconductivity and Superfluidity in Solids and Ultra-Cold Gasses, 17/05/2018 (9:00), Terst, Taliansko
  17. Jozef Strečka (Pavol Jozef Šafárik University, Košice, Slovakia),
    Ising versus Potts criticality in a low-temperature magneto-thermodynamics of a frustrated spin-1/2 Heisenberg triangular bilayer,
    II Workshop on Quantum Low-Dimensional Magnetism, 16/05/2018, Lavras, Brázília
  18. Michal Sedlák,
    Perfect Probabilistic Storing and Retrieving of Unitary channels,
    Hong Kong workshop on quantum information and foundations subtitled "The Role of the Observer", 11/01/2018, Hong Kong ©