Open physics competition for university students in quantum theory.

01/05/2020 FIRST PROBLEM SET :: download ::

What is EQFA? The goals of the academy include promotion of young talents in quantum technologies and strengthening networks of students, science, industry and start-ups interested in this field. EQFA 2020 includes scientific talks, industry and start-up visits, social excursions, social events, and a lot more.

In the context of German EU council presidency this year’s “European Quantum Future Academy” (EQFA 2020) takes place in Berlin. Housing, meals and travel inside Germany are fully covered by the German partners while travel to Germany is covered from national sources.

In case of Slovakia, the participation is going to be covered from the resources of national platform We hope to select 1-2 talented students from Slovakia highly motivated to particate at this event. Exact schedule of EQFA 2020 is still unclear, but it is estimated to happen in September, or October. We will be also happy to offer to successful participants a summer internship at Research Center for Quantum Information at Institute of Physics of Slovak Academy of Sciences.

NOTE: This year most of the plans are exhibiting significant uncertainties, so many things may be different at the end. In any case, the winners will be rewarded in some way. The competition itself is meant to bring also certain mental reward and we would be very happy to find young talented students exhibiting interest in science, especially in the fascinating field of quantum physics. We believe you will enjoy the moments when the beauty of the solutions is materializing in front of you.

Who can participate?
Bachelor and master students of Slovak universities.

How to participate?
Solve quantum problems posted at this website. It is not necessary to solve all of them. Each of them counts. It is recommended to submit solutions to each problem independently. Do not forget to specify your name and school (faculty,university). Time of delivery might play a role. Any format will be accepted. For each problem you may get 5 points. You may also resubmit your solution. In case you ask for validation of your solution and resubmit after, the number of points for that particular problem is reducing to half.

We expect the competition will be closed on 05/07/2020. You may submit solutions in Slovak. If anything is unclear do not hesitate to contact us using this form.

If you want to keep updated or participate, please fill in the registration form. You will receive email notifications whenever the modification of the problem has been clarified, or some extra help is provided, or some other information is released, or updated. As you may realize the problems are not specified in all details, but rather as not completely formalized tasks one would like to achieve.

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